Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Renovated 104 E. 10th St. comes into view

Workers recently removed the construction netting from outside 104 E. 10th St. between Third Avenue and Second Avenue after nearly two years of gut renovations... bringing in to view this home in the St. Mark's Historic District. 

According to the architect of record:
MKCA is orchestrating the reinvention and gut renovation of a historic townhouse in the storied St Mark's Historic District for a young family. Abandoned for a generation, the 2,400 brick rowhouse has been rescued from a state of near-structural collapse. The project includes a new sculptural stair, penthouse addition, and interiors that celebrate the historic building while updating it for contemporary family life.
This has long been a residence of interest. As previously reported, the neo-classical townhouse, constructed in 1879, was once the property of reclusive real-estate baron William Gottlieb. It sold in 2013 for $3.5 million to an entity going by North Sydney LLC. 

The building had been vacant for years, and the last (and lone) tenant was playwright, poet and performance artist Edgar Oliver. 

This article from 1998 in The New York Times suggests that the place could be haunted. But as Oliver said at the time, "The house I do believe is haunted. Alas, it is only with memories." 

Check out the links below for more history and photos of the place pre-renovation...

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Anonymous said...

While a worthy effort, this project can’t end soon enough. The noise and dust coming from the open backside of the building during the pandemic made working at home a miserable experience.

Anonymous said...

Most likely the house is at least 3200 sq.ft. This is a typical row house with an English basement. City records do not include the English basement as part of the square footage.