Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Renovations at long last for the haunted beauty at 104 E. 10th St.

Nearly three years have passed since we heard about the plans to add a roof-top extension and gut renovate the long-empty townhouse at 104 E. 10th St. between Third Avenue and Second Avenue.

As you can see, plywood now surrounds the structure and renovations are underway...

According to the architect of record:

MKCA is orchestrating the reinvention and gut renovation of a historic townhouse in the storied St Mark's Historic District for a young family. Abandoned for a generation, the 2,400 brick rowhouse has been rescued from a state of near-structural collapse. The project includes a new sculptural stair, penthouse addition, and interiors that celebrate the historic building while updating it for contemporary family life.

As previously reported, the townhouse, built in 1879, was once the property of reclusive real-estate baron William Gottleib. It sold in 2013 for $3.5 million to an entity going by North Sydney LLC.

No. 104 is within the St. Mark's Historic District and needed the proper approvals before moving forward. (As I recall, there was some debate about the setback and other details. There are approved permits, as of July 15, on file now with the DOB.)

The building has been vacant for years. The last (and lone) tenant was playwright, poet and performance artist Edgar Oliver.

This article from 1998 in The New York Times suggests that the place could possibly be haunted. But as Oliver said at the time, "The house I do believe is haunted. Alas, it is only with memories."

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[An interior photo from 2012]


Anonymous said...

St Mark's Historic District, is this a real thing even?

Anonymous said...

wish i were rich enough to buy it, it was perfect as was!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they'll re-do the whole thing and it will be an expensive trendy place having nothing to do with its surroundings ("sculptural stair" indeed - how about a FUNCTIONAL, NORMAL one? No, that would be too boring, right?).

This seems like somebody's real estate wet dream that they then expect to sell for an astronomical amount of money b/c it's in a "historic district". Suckers, you can start lining up now!

Anonymous said...

I saw Edgar yesterday down at the market!

Anonymous said...

I have very strong opinions about how people design the inside of their house, even though I will never see it!

sophocles said...

Edgar Oliver, if you do not know of him, has a unique voice and is an exceptional storyteller.

evccnyc said...