Saturday, July 18, 2020

The final days at I Need More, the late Jimmy Webb's rock 'n' roll boutique on the LES

Text and photos by Stacie Joy

I Need More, the rock 'n' roll boutique that Jimmy Webb owned and operated on Orchard Street, closes Monday after three-plus years. The store announced their closure in an Instagram post last month.

Webb, who opened I Need More in October 2017, died on April 14 of cancer. He was 62.

I stopped by to speak with Eddy, the manager, about Jimmy, the store's last days and the future.

"We want people to come by, reminisce and talk about Jimmy: laugh, cry, dance ... to be happy," he said. "Even though Jimmy's gone and the store will soon be gone, he will live on in the spirit. The rock 'n' roll spirit. Jimmy lived his life to the fullest, living out his dream. He was a fighter and would say that he had a great life. Whenever I am lost I ask myself, WWJD? What would Jimmy do? He would say, 'Keep your pants tight. If the clothes aren't tight, it's not rock-n-roll!'"

[A look in the now-closed basement]

One much-requested item that sold out immediately online is the original I Need More T-shirt design. Eddy's says it will be back in stock and available only for in-person purchase and pick up at the store, starting today (Saturday!) at around 1 p.m. Sizes available include unisex or men's cut from sizes xs to xxl and women's cut from xs to large.

All other merchandise is discounted steeply right now and Eddy hopes to sell much of it prior to Monday’s closing.

Curious about what will happen to the cement footprints, handprints and autographs? Eddy says there are currently no plans in place to sell them or remove them, that the store needs to "pack up and leave ASAP, that the autographs will stay and the next tenants will be very lucky."

He says if anyone in interested in purchasing these items, or the Slash drawing on the bar, they should contact him and he'll put them in touch with Jimmy's estate. (Slash, the guitarist for Guns N' Roses, was a longtime friend and supporter.)

In early 2020, the shop hosted a "Footprints in February" celebration, in which Debbie Harry and Iggy Pop put their handprints, footprints and autographs in concrete on the floor of I Need More...

While I was there drummer and tattoo artist Bob Nelson of Five Points Tattoo dropped by to talk about Jimmy and pick up some remaining bullet belts.

Store hours are extended, currently through Monday's closing date, noon until 6 p.m., possibly 7 p.m. if there's a need. I Need More is at 75A Orchard St. between Broome and Grand.


Scuba Diva said...

I don't think I'm the only one who'd love to see I Need More re-open somewhere local; it could happen.

Scooby said...

Magical place and a magical man.... RIP Brother Jimmy and thank you for everything