Sunday, July 26, 2020

Week in Grieview

[Tuesday's EV sunrise]

Posts this last week included...

• RIP Phyllis Somerville (Tuesday)

• RIP Frans Nieuwendam (Wednesday)

• One month on, a look at curbside dining in the East Village (Thursday)

• Odessa is closed for now, but will it reopen? (Wednesday)

• Good samaritans slashed outside 2nd Avenue restaurant (Saturday)

• A memorial for Fahim Saleh on East Houston Street (Monday)

• Drag racing on First Avenue (Saturday)

• Mother of Pearl and Honey Bee's close to make way for a larger Amor y Amargo on Avenue A (Monday)

• At the Lower East Side Sports Academy car wash on Avenue D (Friday)

• Bluestockings is leaving its Allen Street home of 21 years: "This is not goodbye" (Tuesday)

• Renovations at long last for the haunted beauty at 104 E. 10th St. (Tuesday)

• A grim small business outlook (Wednesday)

• Last day for I Need More (Monday)

• Pastry alert: French bakery set to open next month at 229 1st Ave. (Tuesday)

• Hit Japanese coffee cafe Hi-Collar moves to a larger space on 9th Street (Monday)

• New brief says city must stop plans to raze East River Park (Wednesday)

• About the for-rent sign at Tac N Roll on 4th Street (Monday)

• (Another) new owner for 243 E. 7th St. (Thursday)

• This weeks NY See panel (Thursday)

• The East Village Eviction Free Zone (Friday)

• A locksmith for this retail space on 10th Street (Monday)

• The former Lions & Tigers & Squares space is for rent on 2nd Avenue (Monday)

• Sushi Kai opening soon on 9th Street (Thursday)

... and a new Frank Ape-Sac Six zen collaboration on Avenue A...


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