Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Shell shock! Lost turtles return to La Plaza Cultural

[Photo by Chris W. from June]

Back in May, Wilson and Gator, two of the resident turtles at La Plaza Cultural, went missing.

In a bit of welcome news (for once), the turtles have been found... new signage up notes that the two are awaiting reintroduction to the pond here on the southwest corner of Avenue C and Ninth Street...

[Photo via @decolorescommunityyard]

Moving forward, there will be a turtle barrier around the water in the community garden to allow for "safe basking."

No word on how far away Wilson and Gator got.


Anonymous said...

YES!!! also, kudos on the NY Post-worthy headline!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear god, please update this story! My attention and curiosity are now laser-focused on how these guys got out and where they went for two months.

Anonymous said...

"The Secret Lives of Turtles"!

Anonymous said...

"No word on how far away Wilson and Gator got"

Not far.


Ms. said...

YAY! If only they could speak. What adventures they must have had. Welcome home.