Friday, July 24, 2020

The East Village Eviction Free Zone

As seen on Avenue A (the flyers are posted elsewhere in the neighborhood). No other information was posted with the flyer, which reads:

Sisters and Brothers, East Village residents: Many of our friends and neighbors, as a consequence of the pandemic, have fallen into serious rent arrears and are in danger of losing their homes due to no fault of their own. Any of us could be facing the same fate. We must come together as one body and defend one another!

We are calling on all of you to help organize the East Village Eviction Free Zone in order to prevent the looming reality of mass evictions throughout our community.

We are calling on you to be part of an Eviction Watch Network that will spring into action the moment one of our neighbors is faced with being forced from their homes out into the street. The kind of action we are talking about is Direct Action to block the marshals from evicting our neighbors.

By coming together and defending one another we will force the banks and the politicians to enact policies that draw funds from the rich in order to bail out the owners and the tenants facing this housing crisis. The calamity of the virus should not be born by those least able to do so, while the immorality and injustice of evicting women, men and children from their homes amidst the pandemic, which threatens to reemerge, is self evidently obscene and must be opposed!

Build the East Village Eviction Free Zone!!

Stay tuned for more to come!


Anonymous said...

All talk, no action - and more importantly, no contact info of any kind. Sounds like another great "idea" that will never go any further.

nycbrian65 said...

Interfering with the Marshal. go to jail,and someone's out on the streets. Good one.