Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Le Sia has closed on 7th Street

[Photo from July 10]

Le Sia is another restaurant that will not be reopening. There hadn't been any noticeable activity inside the dining room, which served a Chinese crawfish boil, in recent months.

Eater received confirmation that the owners — citing the crush of COVID-19 — have shut it down. Per Eater:

While some tabletop grill and hotpot restaurants across the city temporary closed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the East Village location of Le Sia remained open for takeout and delivery through late March. The restaurant sold its popular crab and crawfish by the pound, but that business wasn’t enough to keep the restaurant afloat, Chen says, as the East Village has been "empty."

The well-liked restaurant debuted in January 2018 here at 11 E. Seventh St. near Cooper Square.

Le Sia was previously closed for two-plus months for renovations, reopening in early February. Their Ninth Avenue location remains in business.

As previously noted, the space was home to Surma Books & Music for 98 years until June 2016. Third-generation owner Markian Surmach cited a decline in business and the expense of property tax and other charges related to owning the building. Public records show that the Surmach family sold the property to Icon Realty for $5.75 million at the time.


Anonymous said...

Le sigh.

Anonymous said...

That's too bad, sorry to hear it. The food was so savory, and the place had a happy vibe.

Anonymous said...

never had the chance to try it but I wanted to.

Anonymous said...

Icon ...