Thursday, July 30, 2020

Parlor says goodbye to the East Village after 25-plus years

Parlor, the hair salon at 102 Avenue B, has officially closed after 25-plus years here between Sixth Street and Seventh Street.

Moving forward, Gwenn LeMoine⁠, Parlor's owner and founder, will be working from her Brooklyn location.

Here's part of a message on Parlor's Instagram account:

We are so grateful for our Avenue B guests, and to provide more context, back in January of this year, I made the decision to bring both salons under one roof. Once the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, my decision was further solidified. In order to ensure the safety and health of our guests and team, our work lives became more streamlined and manageable by planning to reopen only one location.⁠⠀
This decision is also about our passion for developing the next generation of talented stylists. The salon environment is essential to this process, and having all team members, new apprentices and seasoned stylists, at one location will allow this side of our salon to prosper and our team’s education and craft to grow. Our Brooklyn location, due to size, has the ability to pull everyone back together in one place and at the same time provide a more comfortable work environment for our team.⁠⠀
After a quarter of a century of living in the East Village, raising my children within its community and growing Parlor to where it is now, I plan to continue to grow our craft and those that love it for a couple more decades, but it will be across the East River on Atlantic Avenue in what they are now calling Greater Downtown Brooklyn.

[Image via Instagram]


Anonymous said...

SAD to see it go. ALWAYS had a Great Experience and ALWAYS Left with a good color and/or cut. Even recommend the apprentice program. Still great services ALWAYS ALL GREAT PEOPLE. THANKS PARLOR!!! ...And Good Luck to ALL in Bkyln!! You will be missed.

Unknown said...

I grew up upstairs, this place is the best smelling hair salon in the world. I will miss them.
Thank you Gwen for all the fun hair, you are a an incredible person and created something very special for the East Village.

VH McKenzie said...

I have been a Parlor customer since their first shop on East 9th Street, between First and Avenue A! The expansion to Avenue B was a delightful upgrade and always a calming respite from whatever storms were brewing, personal or otherwise! Lovely staff, great haircuts, a neighborhood stalwart. I will need to get my self to Brooklyn!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Just wanted to comment here because I was actually just here recently and although Parlor closed, it has been reopened as Clove hair salon, and it's actually run by Giovanna who was a former stylist at Parlor. Alex from Parlor also came with her and the salon is still Aveda! I was so happy to rediscover my local hair salon and see that it has in fact survived the pandemic especially when so many of my favorite EV spots have closed :(