Thursday, July 14, 2022

[Updated] 21-year-old man dead in hit-and-run on East Houston

Updated 7/15: 

According to NBC 4, authorities identified the victim as Andy Eduardo Gil, 21. He was reportedly walking south to north across Houston at Forsyth. 

Updated 7/16:

The Daily News spoke with the young man's grieving parents. 
Dad Eduardo Gil recalled his son working at a hotel while pursuing his aspirations of becoming a photographer and graphic designer, adding the young man was headed to a scheduled photo shoot when killed that morning.


Per Myles Miller at Channel 4, citing surveillance video:
The traffic light changed as he was in the median, and a private sanitation truck slowed to let him pass.

At that same time, however, a black sedan can be seen speeding around the right side of the truck. The car struck the victim ... and dragged him along the street. Both the car and sanitation truck left Gil in the middle of the street, and drove away.

The sedan was last seen driving westbound on Houston. 


Police are searching for the driver of a sedan they say struck and killed a 21-year-old man early this morning on East Houston Street. 

According to ABC 7, the pedestrian was crossing East Houston at Forsyth Street around 5 a.m. when he was hit by a sedan driver, who fled the scene. 

Per ABC 7:
Workers in the area who have seen the surveillance [footage] say it's clear the driver was going way too fast into the intersection. 
"I'm not too sure if he saw the person, but even if he didn't, at least stop if you know you hit someone," said Justin Lopez, who works nearby. "And he didn't."


Anonymous said...

So sad - Houston Street - the LES drag strip which is never patrolled by the cops - too bad it takes a tragedy like this to wake people up to the dangers of speeding drivers who could care less


Awful. The driving down here is on par with a Mad Max movie.

Anonymous said...

When are we getting some radar traps on Houston? This is the second case this year alone.