Sunday, July 24, 2022

Limited to One celebrates 5 years

Limited to One is marking its fifth anniversary next week. 

The specialty and collectible record shop, located at 221 E. 10th St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue, opened on July 29, 2017. (Read our interview with founders Kristian Sorge and Nichole Porges here.) 

We're having a birthday party/show/record fair/old school punk distro party on July 31 at Saint Vitus at 7 p.m. We have a few of our favorite bands playing including Common Sage, Amitie, and Light Tower along with a few possible guests! In addition, we will also have a few rare crates of records and merch at the show! 
You can find tickets to the show here.
Saint Vitus Bar is at 1120 Manhattan Ave. in Greenpoint. 

And you can follow the Limited to One Instagram for updates.

Top image via Limited to One

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