Friday, August 11, 2017

A little more about Limited to One, a new collectible record store on 10th Street

Limited to One opened its doors on 10th Street back on July 29.

I asked the store's founders, Kristian Sorge and Nichole Porges (a couple outside the store as well) a few basic questions about Limited to One.

Why open a record shop?

It definitely started out as a passion project for both of us. One day we looked at our life and realized that our day jobs weren't something that we built on our own, and that was really important for us, to make our mark.

We also realized that there was a "hole" in the record market, so to speak, for records we were buying and interested in. After a few months of careful planning and asking all of our friends/other record nerdz what they wanted in their dream shop, we decided Brick-and-mortar was the way to go verses an online store. Kristian has lived in the East Village for over a decade, so the East Village was the perfect spot for us to open our shop.

What can people expect at the shop?

People can definitely expect a friendly, clean, and organized environment. We also love chatting with everyone who comes in!

Our store focuses on rare/limited/out-of-print records in the following genres: Punk, Rock, Indie, Alternative, Emo, Metal, as well as Hip-Hop. A few of our favorite titles in the shop right now are: an original Stooges pressing of their self-titled record from 1969, an original pressing of Saetia, The XX - self titled special edition limited to 500 copies with hand-signed prints, a 1977 original Ramones "Rocket to Russia," an original pressing of Dr Dre "The Chronic"... Just to name a few!

What about pricing?

While most of our records are collectible, that doesn't mean they are always expensive. Some of our favorite bands have records that are in the $10-$30 range. We are record collectors ourselves and know what it feels like to be over charged for records. We really strive to make sure our records are reasonably priced.

The store is located at 221 E. 10th St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue. You can find them on Instagram here. They are also part of the RecordNerdz podcast.


Anonymous said...

I visited this store last weekend and picked up a new release on vinyl for about $16. I have to say the owners couldn't have been nicer, there were about 3-5 people that came in while I was there and each one was greeted with a "hello, how are you". Each of us were asked if we were finding anything interesting. The records are well organized and they have a couple of benches you can sit on while you decide which of the stack of records you have pulled is going home with you. I'm excited to have a record store in the neighborhood and will make it part of my neighborhood shopping trail.

Anonymous said...

I stopped in here last week. Super clean layout, great selection and fair pricing... also super friendly and helpful owners. I've never seen so many rare records and test presses at a physical store in my life and everything is graded and well-organized. Plus that turntable, it's worth coming in just to gawk at that thing.

Anonymous said...

The guy who runs/owns this store is incredibly friendly and personable. Not pushy. Just nice and helpful and knows a ton about punk and hardcore. He's got great stock, but the friendly vibes are worth going there alone.