Sunday, July 24, 2022

Week in Grieview

Posts from the past week included (with a photo at the former Sidewalk on Sixth and A)... 

• A crowdfunding campaign for Andy Gil, killed by a hit-and-run driver on East Houston Street (Wednesday

• Some 13th Street residents want the fried-chicken smell to stop (Tuesday)

• Seth Tobocman on the story behind a long-covered mural on 9th Street (Thursday

• City officially unveils Manuel Plaza on 4th Street (Monday

• The new East Village location of the Brindle Room set to open next week on 11th Street (Thursday

• Raise your spirits: At WitchsFest 2022 on Astor Place (Sunday

• Construction watch: 204 Avenue A (Tuesday

• The Mermaid Inn is moving closer to its East Village return (Monday

• Kent's Dumpling House has apparently closed on 14th Street (Tuesday

• The former Baker's Pizza space is for rent on Avenue A (Monday

• Openings: Dhom on 12th Street (Wednesday

• The 9th Precinct will add bicycle patrols to the East Village (Wednesday)

• Little Kirin announces itself on St. Mark's Place (Monday

• Reader mailbag: Syringe disposal in Tompkins Square Park (Wednesday

• Kura has apparently closed on St. Mark's Place (Wednesday

• Report: Rivera tops new 10th Congressional District poll; a talk about redistricting (Monday

... and several EVG readers have shared photos of the growing memorial on the NW corner of Second Avenue and Ninth Street... (photo below by Jefferson Siegel) ...
It's a happy birthday for what would be No. 28 for Sabrina Gournaris, who died in August 2019 at age 25. We don't know what her connnection was to this corner (an obituary lists her as a Connecticut resident). Based on the number of flowers and candles, she had many friends and loved ones...


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