Friday, January 6, 2023

2023 — the year 'Neo Punk' broke


Iggy Pop's 19th studio album, Every Loser, is out today. 

The record, which features backing musicians Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan, Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro and a posthumous appearance from Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, is enjoying some pretty solid reviews to date. 

There are a bunch of audio clips from the record on YouTube... such as the one above for "Neo Punk."

As previously noted, East Village resident John Holmstrom, the co-founder, editor and illustrator of Punk Magazine, created a new issue that's only available with a purchase of Every Loser.

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Beneluxer said...

Er, that zine looks amazing, but I can't help wondering if my purchasing this will be like going out of my way to buy Grace Jones's Hurricane CD at A-1 however many years ago that was a fine recording but not that compelling. I listened to it once or twice and then went back to Nightclubbing (ironically named after the Iggy Pop cover...I still think that Grace Jones album is one of the best albums of all time).

Can anyone tell me if it's him doing his Stooges bit or doing the croony James Williamson stuff I would like to see him settle into??

XTC said...

Good song. Punk as fuck and over in two minutes. This one and The Regency are, for me, the two best tracks on the album which, considering his two last records, is a very surprising balls out hard rock jam. Pretty impressive for a 75 year old guy who's outlasted his own self described expiration date by about ten years. Iggy's been playing with some top notch musicians since reforming the Stooges and as good as this current lineup is I think the Free Band from his last album is the best especially LeBron Thomas on trumpet and Sara Lipstate on guitar. He sill tours a lot just mostly in Europe these days but hopefully he'll add some NYC shows.