Friday, January 6, 2023

Spring cleaning this winter at B-Side

Photo by Stacie Joy 

Paper covers the windows now at B-Side at 204 Avenue B between 12th Street and 13th Street... causing some speculation among a few readers that the neighborhood bar had closed. 

Not to fear. 

In an Instagram message, ownership told us: "We'll be back in a week or two. Just doing a deep clean for the spring." Which they admitted it needed after 20 years in service.

The bar opened in 2003 ... with new owners taking over in January 2021.

H/T Sonya


Anonymous said...

Back soon with new speakers to blast the sidewalk music even louder. I don't care about the bar itself but the outdoor playlist is obnoxiously loud.

Felix said...

Had to search all over for any info, thank you EVG for calming my fears!!