Tuesday, February 12, 2013

3rd East Village Juice Press now open

Now open on East 10th Street just east of Second Avenue ...

...as previously noted here ... and here.


Anonymous said...

I think that the Juicepress must be owned by Starbucks.
Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz who acquired Evolution Fresh for 30M said he wanted every Starbucks to have a juice place right next door. I noticed a Starbucks in the West Village, along side The Juicepress??

Something in their process of juicemaking waters down the vegetables and they plan on opening 16 stores. Not sure if they will all be paired with Starbucks?

BagelGuy said...

I think it's a punk move to open up within a few hundred feet of Liquiteria. Back in the days when I was coming up, small businessmen would never pull this sort of stunt on their fellow small businessmen. There was a mutual respect among shop owners not to cut into each others turf. I hope Liquiteria kicks their ass.

Kurt said...

Juice Press has VERY deep pockets.


Victoria said...

Liquiteria all the way, and every day for me. I have tried to like the juice press but the staff is dingy and spacey and the delivery times are so stupid. You cannot call and request a delivery. You must do it online and the delivery time takes about (no joke) 1-3 hours, sometimes more than that. Sometimes they forget the order.
Liquiteria is fresh and the staff is just super friendly, genuine, and the space is so clean. They run a tight ship and are so good at everything they do.