Thursday, February 7, 2013

Nino's Pizza has closed, again

At this point, it is safe to say that we have no idea what's going on with the Nino's Pizza space on Avenue A and St. Mark's Place.

To recap.

Nino's Pizza on Avenue A and St. Mark's Place closed sometime after Superstorm Sandy... and we heard multiple stories about its future ... Then! A few days later, a sanitized, woody Nino's reopened under new ownership, but the place didn't seem the same. One reader said, "It looks like the inside of a pine coffin."

Plus, the pizza was a little different. Then the place closed again. The it reopened. Then closed. Then closed. Then reopened. (Or maybe it's the other way around?) The DOH temporarily closed the storefront in early December... It reopened by the end of the month.

We first noticed that they were closed again this past Sunday, when we walked by during the Super Bowl. A fine time for a pizza place to be closed.

For now Nino's 2.0 remains closed. Outgoing message says that the number has been "temporarily disconnected."

So. If you happen to know the status here, please let us know via the comments or the trusty tipline.


Anonymous said...

S'mac at 1st and 1st has been closed the past few mornings as well. Not that I get anything there, but they have keys to the park where we cut through to the F train. Is it the construction??

Gojira said...

No loss if the "new" Nino's stays shuttered - the place was as welcoming as a tomb with its cold, hard, grim interior. And the pizza - meh. Awful.

Anonymous said...

well I do have to say that me and my friend walked by and talked to the new folks, they were really nice and gave us a sample of some middle eastern food they were adding to the menu, dosen't matter now of course but I feel for them, it probably cost alot of money to try to open their business and now it's all gone.

Anonymous said...

For Rent signs are up.