Monday, September 2, 2013

Did anyone NOT move out this past weekend?

Well, sure seemed like a lot people were coming (but mostly!) going the past few days... seemed like more than the usual end-of-summer exodus... we saw plenty of piles of left-behind crap... like above at East Seventh Street and Avenue C... but this shot by Dave on 7th at East Seventh and Avenue B is the winner so far...


Anonymous said...

It's all the people who said they'd leave the East Village because one line or another was crossed.

Frank said...

to be fair, at 7B they had cars moving the garbage until it was gone. took a couple of hours.

Anonymous said...

just an FYI for anyone moving out ... mattresses have to be wrapped in plastic before being left on the street or the Dept. of Sanitation will slap your building with a $100 fine which the landlord is entitled to deduct from your security deposit.

Anonymous said...

The problem is new one's are replacing them !! The disposable generation, quite rude.

Anonymous said...

Of course, it's illegal to toss mattresses that are not wrapped in plastic but try telling these dirt bags that.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not .
In NYC May 1st was the day everyone's lease was up.
So it was called Moving Day and was chaotic as 10 of thousands of people changed residence the same day

Anonymous said...

How is all of the present day college kid and transient garbage an improvement from all of the garbage in the 70s/80s?

Gojira said...

@Anon. 12:29 - the garbage of the 70s and 80s was much more interesting. I was able to furnish half my house with dumpster diving finds when I first moved here - vintage furniture, cookware, lamps, knickknacks, a working 1940s Electrolux Deluxe Glide turquoise steel vacuum cleaner (which still works like a charm)- now all that gets tossed is mostly cheap crap made in China that's not even worth the effort of picking up, much less carrying to your apartment. Bonus - no bedbugs to worry about in those days.

Anonymous said...

To answer 12:29's question, these kids throw out tons of almost new perfectly functional items from furniture to electronics to clothing. I have almost completely furnished my apartment from this stuff, and while Better Homes and Gardens isn't knocking down my door, it is not bad at all. Of course in the last few years the bedbug issue has rendered the furniture scavenging a bit more for, lovers of action perhaps.

frankABC said...

The picture from 7B was not a 20 some year old's trash, but it wasn't worth anything either.

Giovanni said...

Do the math. There are over 500,000 college students in NYC, with over 44,000 at NYU alone. About 9,000 of NYU students are foreign. China, India and South Korea are the main countries they are from and are probably now moving back to. Ever try shipping a couch to South Korea? This is why there is probably a couple thousand apartments full of furniture being thrown away every time these students go back home.

That being said I have never seen so much furniture, carpeting, lamps and appliances like mini-fridges being tossed out on every street. The irony is all this stuff was made in China, India and South Korea where most of these kids are from. Their parents probably own the same factories where all of this disposable furniture is made.

Perhaps in the midst of his Syrian "let's attack/on second thought lets not attack" foreign policy disaster, Obama hasn't noticed it yet but the world has flipped upside down. It is we who are on the bottom now, relegated to begging strangers on Kickstarter to help us launch our cute little biscuit boutiques while Asia is eating our lunch.

shmnyc said...

The garbage from the 70s/80s was better because the people who say so were younger then. It's nothing but nostalgia.

frankABC said...

500k college students? I mean, that is a lot. I don't know if your math is correct. All 44,000 NYU students do not live in Manhattan or even NYC.

ShutUpHooker said...

Its sad THATS what being produced by colleges [more like extended HS]: bunch of bratty throw shit assholes... why not donate it?
Oh thats right that would take precious seconds from chatting with their fellow dudes & beckas on their celly's as they plan another fun night of keistering liquor

Uncle Waltie said...

The only thing I ever scavenged off the street was a metal cabinet left on the sidewalk on East 4th Street between Bowery and Lafayette. Looked like it came from some metal-working place. The wheels had not been oiled in decades, so when I wheeled it home at 1 AM it woke up the whole neighborhood. A few years later, I decided to change the drawer's lining and found 200 bucks. It was like found money.

shmnyc said...

Have any of the people who say the furniture should have been donated ever tried to donate furniture? It's nearly impossible. No one comes to pick it up, and if you take it somewhere yourself, much of it will be rejected.
Furniture is donated by putting it on the sidewalk. It's the most efficient way.

shmnyc said...

I have an ironing board that I got on East 17th Street in 1983. Someone threw it out because one part of it came undone. I fixed it and it's worked perfectly ever since. It makes a horrible screeching noise when I open it, but some graphite would fix that.

shmnyc said...

You should never start a comment with "Do the math" unless you've done the math yourself. In less than 10 minutes, I was able to find that NYU's undergraduate population for 2012 was 19,401. 12% are from other countries. That puts the international figure at 2,328. If the 12% holds even across the total population of graduate, post-graduate, and non-credited programs (50,917), the international population averages 6,110, not 9,000.
Where things are made is a function of capitalism, not Asia. Your enmity is misdirected.

Giovanni said...

I checked the math, our street furniture problem is most likey foreign born. At last count New York City had over 60,000 foreign students, almost 9k at NYU, most of them probably live in the village, and 8k at Columbia. If only I had a warehouse and a truck I could start a used furniture business tomorrow.

During the 2011-2012 school year, more than 764,000 foreign students were studying in the states. California remains the biggest draw for foreigners, with roughly 103,000 students studying there. Here are the 10 most popular states for international students:

1. California (102,789)
2. New York (82,436)
3. Texas (61,511)
4. Massachusetts (41,258)
5. Illinois (35,920)
6. Pennsylvania (33,398)
7. Florida (32,567)
8. Ohio (26,427)
9. Michigan (25,551)
10. Indiana (22,194)

Most popular universities for foreign students

The most popular U.S. universities for foreign students are located on the coasts and in the Midwest. Here are the top 10 destinations for international students, along with their enrollment numbers:

1. University of Southern California (9,269)
2. University of Illinois (8,997)
3. New York University (8,660)
4. Purdue University (8,563)
5. Columbia University (8,024)
6. UCLA (6,703)
7. Northeastern University (6,486)
8. University of Michigan (6,382)
9. Michigan State University (6,209)
10. Ohio State University (6,142)

10 countries exporting the most students

China continues to send the greatest number of students to the U.S. In fact, it's not even close. During the last school year, some 194,000 Chinese students attended American schools. Coming in second was India, with 100,270 students.

Here are the 10 countries sending the most students to the U.S.:

1. China (194,029)
2. India (103,895)
3. South Korea (73,351)
4. Saudi Arabia (22,704)
5. Canada (27,546)
6. Taiwan (24,818)
7. Japan (21,290)
8. Vietnam (14,888)
9. Mexico (13,713))
10. Turkey (12,184)

Anonymous said...

These filthy streets are a maze of dog crap, cigarette butts, mattresses, puke, and every other assortnment of garbage that these self-entitled little douches feel emboldened to publicly discard. The East Village touts itself as an inclusive cool environment, when in all honesty, it's a dumping ground for the emotonially unstable.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:48,
It's always been a dumping ground for the emotionally unstable!

Wilfred Academy of Hair and Beauty school drop-out said...

Not to mention that the number of foreign students at CUNY schools, particularly, Hunter, Baruch, and City College. Not doing the math, since I don't know the percentage on that. But what I know do know is taht close to 50% of PAce students in the NYC campus are foreign students.

And those who aren't foreign students, they're most likely post college transplants who are trying to prolong their college years and behaviors for 1-3 years, and once the trust fund or the fun ends, they move out.

Benny from da Bronx said...

Let's all do the math. Grad schools have a much higher percentage of foreign students than undergrad, so Giovanni's numbers do add up. For instance, there are so many more Indian and Chimese studens at NYU med and Dental schools than I have ever seen before. I think Shmnyc owes Gio an apology, and maybe needs to get a new calculator too!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"The East Village touts itself as an inclusive cool environment, when in all honesty, it's a dumping ground for the emotionally unstable."

-Have you ever tried dating someone from the UES? Now that's emotionally unstable.

shmnyc said...

Giovanni's figures are immaterial; mine come from NYU's web site. If you have something better, please share it.
The main thrust of his comment was an attack on Asians, in any case. I think he owes us all an apology.

Benny from da Bronx said...

Shmnyc, I just found out on the NYU website that in 2011 they had 8,000 international students, so Giovanni's numbers are right. Look here:

So forget the math lesson, I think some reading comprehension classes are in order here! I don't know why you are picking a fight here but I don't see anything wrong with what Gio is saying, just pointing out that these are lots of international students who are probably adding to the piles of furniture which are sitting outside my front door right now since its too expensive shipping all that stuff back home and selling it in Craigslist isn't worth the hassle. Now I'm going down the block to see if I can find a new bookcase, compliments of all these students who just moved out, y'all have a real nice day. I'm out.

rob said...

Salvation Army will pick up furniture if it can be resold (like most students' recent purchases):

Twenty-five years ago I found on the street a 1940's swivel office chair, minimal design, the kind with the emerald plastic stuffed seat and adjustable back, best desk chair ever. Haven't found a replacement that can hold a candle to it.

shmnyc said...

According to your information, Giovanni is closer by 866 students. 9,000 – 7,988 – 6,110. Hear hear! It seems strange that NYU would rely on the findings of an outside agency though, to determine the number of international students they have. But there you have it.
I was not trying to start a fight, but his number was meant to bolster his anti-Asian argument, which you seem to support. That's the real issue.

moe said...

Thank you, amidst the bickering I found a complete set of plates, saucers, bowls, 2 very nice jumbo coffee mugs which is the size I like to use, and a bunch of good silverware, all excellent/new condition, just an hour ago.

Giovanni said...

The stuff is piled so high I almost got a nosebleed climbing over it. I just found an almost new computer bag on wheels, and a bunch of stuff for the kitchen, and so much furniture i could start my own flea market. Guess where most of it was made? China!