Thursday, July 24, 2014

Yonekichi bringing rice burgers to East 9th Street

There's a new tenant for the sliver of a space occupied last by Otafuku at 236 E. Ninth St. before they moved a few storefronts to the west here between Second Avenue and Third Avenue.

Yonekichi will be exclusively serving rice burgers when they open some time next month.

Both Otafuku and Yonekichi are part of Bon Yagi's East Village stable of restaurants.

We reached out to learn more about what to expect here via the handy media email on the coming soon sign…

H/T William Klayer

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Anonymous said...

Bon Yagi rules. One of the best East Villagers of all-time. I know not what the fuck a rice burger is but I will be sure to find out.