Monday, July 21, 2014

Family history found in free newspaper box

EVG contributor Derek Berg came across this scene earlier today on Second Avenue at East Fourth Street.

A man reached into one of the free newspaper boxes, and discovered two photo albums.

They were photos, which Derek estimated to be from the 1970s, from vacations as well as a wedding. The man who found the photos stood there with them, quietly studying each shot.

We don't know how the photo albums got into the box... or what became of them.

Updated 2:27

Derek had two more photos to share...


Jill said...

I lost a couple photo albums about 10 years ago when my husband left a bag on the street as we were packing a car to bring stuff to storage. I never got them back, but did hear from people who saw them after I posted a sign with a reward. I still miss them..

Jill W. said...

wow, a lot of photo nostalgia today. really interesting find.