Friday, July 25, 2014

Community 54 arrives on Avenue B

Community 54 opened this week at 186 Avenue B between East 11th Street and East 12th Street.

The street wear boutique moved here from the doomed stretch of 50-62 Clinton St., where they closed up shop back in January.

Business partners Daymon Green and Jason Jacobs describe the store this way on their website:

Community 54 is a neighborhood lifestyle boutique inspired by creative nostalgia. From classic arcade games and vintage street wear, mixed with new indie brands and contemporary art, the space is a destination for curators of unique collectibles and clothing.

The space was previously home to Gruppo, who moved down Avenue B in March 2013.


Gojira said...

And a sign that looks like it's announcing a kindergarten.

Anonymous said... a destination for curators.... If I never read see or hear that word again I'll be happy. I'm assuming this is code for expensive overpriced vintage. I'll never go there so I guess it doesn't matter anyway. Isn't there some bro/douchebag blog they can advertise on?

GIovanni said...

Something about that sign makes me think the Funkiberry empire is somehow involved in this. Now if you will please excuse me I must go find a curated FroYo right away.

Anonymous said...

You are cornballs - those dudes are NYers, good hard working dudes, and it's a true local NY spot. I'm actually glad it's not a douchebro spot but you can assume all you want.

Anonymous said...

We need more retail here. Welcome to the neighborhood, Community 54.

Anonymous said...

I live around the corner and I am thrilled this place has not been leased to another food/bar business. Welcome and best of luck.

28yearsEVresident said...

small, independent, retail businesses of almost all kinds are needed and a helpful bulwark against the malling of the EV.

This opening deserves better than kneejerk snark.