Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Time-lapse video takes you through the months with the baby hawks of Tompkins Square Park

[One of the kids in the Park Saturday via Grant Shaffer]

The three offspring of Christo and Dora have been busy frolicking in Tompkins Square Park of late, as Goggla continues to document.

They started their lives up on the AC unit on the Christodora House ... where residents in the apartment agreed to have a nest cam set up to monitor the birds. As for a timeline, the nest arrived in February ... followed by the eggs in April ... and the last fledgling left the house on July 2.

East Village resident and photographer Francois Portmann has posted the following time-lapse video ...

Hold on!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, it didn't rain once during that time? Great weather we've been having!

Anonymous said...

This is really great and everything, but I have been wondering about this from day one: That has got to be a really disgusting and smelly thing to have right outside one's window. I have been curious about whether the residents of this apartment plan on clearing out that nest, and installing protection so that this does not happen again. I for one would not want to be in this predicament.

Anonymous said...

It's illegal to remove a Red-tailed Hawk nest without approval from Fish & Wildlife.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe it. Surely nobody can tell these people they can't remove an air conditioner from their window. The thought of having rotting worm infested rats and squirrels inches from my bed would be too much to handle. Surely there can't be a law that forces me to endure this?

Anonymous said...

Anon. at 6:38pm: The hawks are actually much cleaner than you think. THE PARENT HAWKS remove the "rotting rats and squirrels" from the nest every day (not that there's much left over when feeding 3 hungry young ones!).

Please note that hawk nests (as someone else said) are protected by federal law.

Also, the hawks DO NOT live there all year - the nest is essentially a "nursery" that's used only to incubate eggs & raise the young. Once the young fledge, there's not much activity at the nest until the following Jan./Feb. when the parent hawks will reinforce the nest for next year's (presumed) clutch.

Adult hawks spend their time in the trees, hunting by day & they usually sleep on a tree branch. You will not likely see any of the TSP hawks in the nest from now through early 2015.

PS: I would LOVE to have a hawk's nest right outside my window - to be that close to these magnificent creatures is amazing.