Thursday, July 31, 2014

Last sunset of July...

And look for our post tomorrow — The 31 Best Things That Happened This July. No. 12 Will Blow Your Mind.

Photo by Bobby Williams


Anonymous said...

beautiful shot! thanx bobby w!

Anonymous said...

Rays of light for East Village. Let's stay together. Let's do this. Stay vocal and active. It's our time. Let's do this. WE CAN!!!

Anonymous said...

more buzzfeed/upworthy for the EV-

"Can you believe this landlord did THIS to justify his rent increase?"

"5 things only NYU students say"

"Beginners guide to culture: What is it?"

"OMG did you know these books all take place in the East Village?"

"How the east village died in 4 easy charts"

Anonymous said...

31 best things? That's one per day. I like your attitude!

Makeout said...

What about July 32nd?