Thursday, July 24, 2014

Report: The Subway Inn will close next month

[EVG file photo]

We started wondering about the fate of one of our favorite bars outside the neighbor back in February when a developer bought up a good part of East 60th Street between Third Avenue and Lexington, including the building that houses the Subway Inn.

Now we know. Via Gothamist, we learned this morning that the place will close next month.

Here's the message on the Subway Inn's Facebook page:

Subway Inn Patrons,
As you might know, Subway Inn was established in 1937, and has been proudly serving customers since.

We are sad to inform you that Subway Inn will be closed for business on or about the 15th of August. That's not to say we aren't opening another location. Subway Inn WILL be relocate.

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Anonymous said...

Hope they bring all of that sweet vintage neon with them.

randall said...

Is that naive optimism thinking that they'll relocate/reopen. Or is this the beginning of the Bill's Gay 90'sization?

Anonymous said...

This town is so done, it really is. We're definitely at the point of no return, in fact we have been for a while let's not kid ourselves. I still can't believe that the nuts of New York City are being cut off. I always thought this town had steal balls, but apparently that's not the case. Maybe the last 100 years or so was just a big fucking charade. Maybe we were all fooled. Seems that way, no?

blue glass said...

they have destroyed, torn down, priced out or outlawed almost everything that made this city special. the good and the bad.
we live in a disney replica tourist attraction of what people that are in control think will bring the people with money here,
they are right, money now takes first and every place here. people are no longer important.

3:54 p.m. said...

Subway Inn ain't no trendeatery nor a gastropub whose patrons are men in slim jackets, jeans and fedoras stood by the bar holding cocktails in mason jars and women that sit on stools, sipping pastel drinks from martini glasses, pretending not to notice them.".

And Subway Inn does not have cocktails served with a side of pretension for an extra $3 upcharge by an artisan mixologist with an ironic mustache, so...

Anonymous said...

@blue glass: You said it!

The fact that 55 million tourists last year were somehow NOT enough & the city wants to entice even more people to come visit here (not counting foreign oligarchs parking their money in overpriced condos on 57th St.) indicates that we are now living in a place that's designed to be more interesting & attractive to tourists than to the 8+ million people who actually live here year-round.

Bloomberg got what he wanted, and though he's outta here, *we* all have to live with the results.

Maybe they should just finish the process by auctioning off naming rights to the boroughs to the highest-paying developer(s).

Giovanni said...

"In the future New York will be made up of 1 billion annual tourists, but no one will actually live here."

--Andy Warhol, if he were alive today

Anonymous said...

@12:58 I agree!!!

Anonymous said...

Some years back I worked almost next door to the Subway Inn and from time to time I would go in to enjoy their offerings. It was a place where time stood still, both hourly time and yearly time,
had no hold. It truly felt that by going through that door everything stopped.

If they can open again we will see if time is a movable feast.

Walter said...

A majority of supposedly 'savvy' New Yorkers voted for TWENTY YEARS of Giuliani / Bloomberg mayoralties. There's no one else to blame but the ignorant fools who voted for these two. Time to pay the piper.

nygrump said...

But walter, we were scared after 9/11. We needed a strong Napoleon to give us strength and hope, and encourage us to go shopping.

Think how differently this city would be when Mark Green had won and he was going to win up until 9/11 you can read the old newspaper articles doomberg didn't have a chance. Since I believe 9/11 was an inside job, I tend to think that election - getting a Zionist into power - was one other goal of the attack.