Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Time to wait in line like it's 1954 at Veselka

As previously noted, Veselka is celebrating its 60th anniversary … in honor of this, the restaurant at 144 Second Ave. (at East Ninth Street) is turning prices on some items back to 1954.

And as the above Veselka tweet shows ... the first of these turn-back-time-to-1954 eatathons is tonight from 6-6:54.

Think there will be a line?


Gojira said...

Thanks, but I think I'll wait 10 years for the next one so I can have a whole hour, for which I will have to wait on line for six.

blue glass said...

abe (second ave deli) used to do this but for the whole day. the line would go around the block.
at a certain time he'd give the folks near end of the line "rain check/tickets" to come back because they would not be able to get in.
good publicity AND great customer care.