Monday, July 21, 2014

Celebrating 25 years at Paul's Da Burger Joint

Paul's Da Burger Joint celebrated its 25th anniversary on Saturday. EVG contributor Stacie Joy stopped by here at 131 Second Ave. at St. Mark's Place for a few photos (and samples) at the beginning of the day … she reported that the place was packed, as prices rolled back to 1989 prices …

As a vegetarian, I wasn’t able to sample all of what Paul's had to offer, but I did get to try to the delicious Baily's milkshake, some East Village veggie Frites and the caprese salad on a skewer. All yummy.

I sat at a table with folks from ABC News, who reported (heh) that the new sliders — called Second Avenue Sliders — were juicy, fresh and tasty. I heard that same refrain over and over again — how juicy the burgers were.

Founder Paul Koval's family still operates the restaurant today. Matt Wardrop, who has been running Paul's since 2007, was busy hustling samples out for the crowd. (Read an interview with him here.)

I was lucky enough to catch him in a rare moment of stillness for a quickie snapshot.

I also got to snuggle Ruby, the puppy mascot, as she sat outside welcoming people to the party.

Even Zoltar next door at Gem Spa got in on the action.


EV Grieve said...

Thank you for going, Stacie! I didn't realize that you were a vegetarian when I asked if you wanted to go!

Zubin said...

Had a great time at this little shindig. And so did Ruby!

Gojira said...

I woulda gone just to schmooze with Ruby. What a sweetie!

Stacie Joy said...

No problem, Grieve! I enjoyed the party and the people. And the puppy!