Monday, July 21, 2014

Westside Market signage arrives

Just noting the arrival of the Westside Market signage on Third Avenue at East 12th Street … the store anchors the retail space at the new luxury rental The Nathaniel. (Still not really feeling that Nathaniel name.)

Although the Market's ads promise "We've got what you're hungry for" …

… they do not just yet here. Workers are still assembling the interior.

The family owned mini chain of markets, which debuted in NYC in 1965, announced their arrival here last October. From the official news release:

Offering freshly-prepared foods, specialty products and catering, the two-level store will occupy 18,871 total square feet – 10,500 square feet at the ground level and the remaining space at the lower level.

Shoppers at this location, Westside's fifth in the city, reportedly will be able to connect to Wi-Fi from electronic devices including smartphones and tablets. Westside is also using technology to create faster checkout counters and an advanced security system.

No word yet on an opening date.

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Anonymous said...

Why do you need wifi at a supermarket???

Anonymous said...

I poked my head in a few weeks ago and the contractor gave me an opening date of mid August

Anonymous said...

Westside??? shouldn't it be Midtown South Market?

Mark Hand The Catchman said...

...a sure sign of the apocalypse?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't be more excited about this--live a few blocks away and made nightly pilgrimages to their 7th Avenue and 15th Street location for months last year when a series of dental surgeries and the antibiotics that came with them kept me from my usual dining habits. Their prepared foods are great, better than Whole Foods, Garden of Eden or Agata and Valentina and the variety of brands on the shelves are spectacular. Yes, you can eat or shop cheaper but not by too much relatively speaking and I believe this will be one of the greatest additions to our neighborhood for some time. Can't wait for them to open!!

Anonymous said...

Westside Market is fantastic. I used to go to the one on 7th Avenue all the time for lunch. There is a great selection of prepared foods that are super tasty and not too expensive. And their produce selection is killer. I think everyone is going to be pleasantly surprised. It's just nice fresh food and they're not precious about it. Kinda like what Fairway used to be but better.