Monday, July 21, 2014

Birdbath Bakery remains closed, though it may only be temporary

As we noted last Monday, The Birdbath Neighborhood Green Bakery on Third Avenue at East Ninth Street hasn't been open of late.

Another week passed here without any sign of activity. And the address no longer appears on its parent City Bakery's website.

However, a representative for City Bakery told Eater the shutter is only temporary.

If this is the case (and we like the food here, so …), then why not put up a sign noting a temporary closure? The only recent sign is the one comically announcing new summer hours.

We walked by every day last week. And on each occasion, at least one other person would attempt to enter the business. Why not tell your loyal customers that you'll be back?


BagelGuy said...

I love and support this place but I just can't figure out how they do it. They close spots all over the place and they open new spots all over the place! They had a place on 7th Ave South that closed a while back. Now I see that they're set to open a new spot down the street on 6th Ave where the rents are much higher.

HippieChick said...

So many, many empty spots and deceased stores in the EV now...perhaps commercial peak rent has been reached?

Anonymous said...

I sometimes went to this location and tried to like it. It didn't help that the young gals behind the counter were unfriendly and uninformed. I ended up staying away because of them (although the dude who moved to the Third Ave location from the former First Ave one was a nice guy).

ak. said...

I called the Soho location to confirm they were still open (as I want to get some baked goods), and asked about this location... summer is apparently slow, so they will re-open when its closer to the "back to school" time and the NYU students are back in the area. I guess not paying payroll, but paying rent somehow makes for good business?