Thursday, August 14, 2014

At 205 Avenue A, where the NYPD stops by 'almost every weekend'

[205 Avenue A roof shot by William Farrington via the Post]

The Post has a follow-up story about our piece on the rooftop parties at Icon Realty's 205 Avenue A.

To the article!

Mitch Kossoff, a lawyer for Icon Realty, said there are guidelines in place for rooftop access, which only the top-floor tenants have access to. Parties past 10 p.m., loud music, consumption of alcohol, barbecuing and smoking are prohibited. Kossoff said he wasn’t aware of any complaints from last weekend’s bash but he’s ready to take necessary action, including eviction proceedings.


Kyle Frey, 25, who lives on the first floor of the newly renovated building said cops come by “almost every weekend.”

And from the EVG inbox: Neighbors concerned about the noise from 205 Avenue A can contact the North Avenue A Neighborhood Association via email.

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Giovanni said...

Nice fire hazard. Unless that grill in the picture is using natural gas or is electric it is also illegal. Looks like more violations are on the way. Now that we know that only the top floor tenants have access to the roof deck it should be pretty easy for the neighbors to identify just who is responsible for all the noise and get them to stop these roof ragers. Good job getting it in the NY Post, now even their landlord is pissed off.

Anonymous said...

That BBQ so close to that power came pipe... I foresee an electacution once the plastic covering the cables inside the pipes melts... Icon will be sued beyond stupidity for letting that BBQ be up there...

Anonymous said...

Barbecuing isn't allowed, and there is a barbecue grill in that photo. Nice!

Anonymous said...

The dudes are often seen walking around topless on their roof in cloudy weather, as well as walking around completely nude and clueless in their apartment at night with the lights lit. I point and laugh!

Anonymous said...

Those bros are your prototypical bros. I am not sure why they don't live in Murray Hill with all of their other bros - its so much closer to Tonic.