Sunday, December 11, 2016

2nd Avenue, 8:13 a.m., Dec. 11


Gojira said...

And once again we've been Santa Conned.

Anonymous said...

The shit show is over. Thank God. Santa Con is literally my least favorite day of the year. Hate it. Over it.

Giovanni said...

Thank God it's over, but from what I sawin spite of the cold weather, this monstrous thing is even bigger than ever, On Union Square there were hordes of already drunk Sad Santas just pouring out of the subway, and for some reason every group I saw was singing at the top of their lungs. Some of these Bros are so overgrown now they could barely fit into their XXXL size Santa suits. And they are not so young anymore, many are in their mid 30s, and there was obviously large groups of Fraternity brothers celebrating their 10th or 15th reunions by doing Sad-a-Con together. I have no doubt some of the younger Bros were in the process of being hazed, which results in many of them becoming shitfaced blackout drunk in the street.

According to one news report there were 5 arrests for charges ranging from drug and weapons possession to assault, and over 100 tickets were issued, debunking Sad-o-cons annual PR spin that everyone was well behaved when we know that is never true.

I also saw many scared children being rushed away by their parents. In front of Best Buy on Union Square, I heard one 4 or 5 year old boy saying over and over to hiis father "So there is no Santa Claus, is there? And the Father saying he didn't know. That was a sad moment. The best part of Sad-a-Con is when its over: the Sunday morning after is so quiet, like Christmas Day, and with the usual bottomless brunch crowds still recovering, we have our neighborhood back. Now who is going to clean up this mess?

Anonymous said...

Why is this event not required to get a permit AND post a bond covering the cost of the cleanup? I still want to know who's getting paid off to look the other way on this fuckup.

What a bunch of shit-faced jackasses attended this; I'd love to have a photo of of them with their names & home addresses posted online for all their families and employers to see.

@11:13am: I feel worst for young kids & their parents - the fake Santas behaving so disgustingly ruin the innocence of childhood for many children. But hey, as long as the "organizers" get rich, and the attendees get fully shit-face drunk, who cares what innocence or dreams they crush?

I wish Catholic & Protestant organizations would loudly call this event out for what it is: complete disrespect for Christmas. If these drunks want to walk around in their regular clothes and be shit-faced, that's just another weekend here - but put on a Santa outfit and behave that way, and I personally think you've just committed a hate crime.

Imagine having Hanukkah-con in Orthodox neighborhoods in Brooklyn? No, you can't imagine it - and that 's b/c it would NEVER be allowed to happen there, b/c it would be considered a hate crime. And b/c the "elected officials" there would definitely make sure it didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add that we had to go out very early on Sunday a.m. and 3rd Avenue was disgusting, with trash and vomit everywhere. Ick.

One other thing -- just a general observation -- if all of the people who drop ten bucks or a can of food for this crap fest think that equates to volunteering, they are sadly mistaken.

The rest of this rant will keep.

Anonymous said...

They need a fucking permit. Especially places like 13th Douchestep.