Saturday, December 3, 2016

A moment or 2 with Bingo Bronson

Fans of Comedy Central's "Broad City" might appreciate this sighting yesterday of Bingo Bronson (Abbi's blue stuffed animal who comes to life) on Second Avenue at St. Mark's Place... part of a promo for "Broad City" merchandise.

Plus, bonus Bingo butt shot...

Not sure if Bingo made it to Whole Foods.

Photos by Derek Berg



She's brave for examining that gynormous camel toe so thoroughly!

Anonymous said...

Those two "comedians" who do their best to show the absolute worst possible behaviors two women can possibly express in public, lost my interest when they decided to go political and include Hillary in their TV program. Worst move ever. They are political elites and kids of wealthy parents who are likely part of the one percent (or headed that way). And now they want to cash in on merchandise tie-ins for the holidays? NO THANK YOU. Nice feminism. Not. Let me know when they start selling spliffs on St. Mark's. Anything else deserves nobody's attention.

Anonymous said...

Santa was in my nabe on the west side..ho ho ho..happy holiday
East Village Corner

Anonymous said...

So sick of these street promotions which pay no fee to the city. You want to advertise a show or whatever on NYC sidewalks? Pay a fee.