Saturday, December 10, 2016

Just before 9 a.m., East 4th Street

Photo by Derek Berg


Anonymous said...

Cry havoc and unleash the dogs of santacon!!!

Anonymous said...

Invasion of the fucktards. They should be made to carry their own vomit bags around.

Anonymous said...

For people who think this is making mountains out of molehills, I am an EV resident of many years. This "anarchist" Santa con event is a disgrace. The idea that it's for charity, a joke.

Last year, walking just 2.5 blocks home from the grocery store around 7 PM, (with my own heavy bags) I saw a frail old woman forced to navigate throngs of drunks, crashed into and nearly knocked to the ground, her bags spilled on the sidewalk. As I approached another large crowd outside a bar on Avenue A, monopolizing the entire sidewalk from entrance into the street, I sensed ugliness in the mood. One drunk had apparently looked at another drunk's drunken girlfriend and they were throwing serious punches, their partisans circling each other. I had to return to the corner and cross the street! This was 7 PM!
Earlier in the day, walking to the library on 2nd Ave, I saw a "santa" vomiting in the gutter on 9th street. Parents with young children looking distressed as their toddlers and kids looked wide-eyed at literally HUNDREDS of grown men and women aping their seasonal heroes but in terrible aspect and degrees of undress.
How are they supposed to explain this? It's an important Saturday for families to shop and go to events in our neighborhood. This weekend shortly before Christmas has been ruined for neighbors of all ages and, other than the bars, I doubt is very good for local businesses. E.g. I will be shopping elsewhere today and if I had a child of any age, would be nowhere near here.

Anonymous said...

NYPD looks the other way because SantaCon is mostly white people.

If SantaConners were mostly nonwhite people, NYPD would shut down SC.

SC bribes the NYPD to look the other way.

Gojira said...

I was out and about today and wish I had a dollar for every time I heard the following phrases:

1) Where ARE we?!?
2) Which bar are we going to next?
3) Where's the bar?!?

I passed one group deciding between the "virtues" of two different bars, and was struck by the thought that they must be very boring people to want to spend the day indulging in such a boring, pointless activity - hope I am never marooned on a desert island with any of them, I can tell you that much.

Anonymous said...

@11:58am: You called it! A couple of years back, I was talking with a neighbor in front of my building and a gaggle of these jerks came walking down the block, completely blocking the sidewalk & nearly knocking me & my neighbor into the street. I could smell the booze on their breath as they went by, and it wasn't even 11am.

@4:55pm: You are 100% correct. Santacon is white jackass privilege in action.

@Gojira: I agree with you. It's not surprising these people are boring, given how frequently they use alcohol to kill off more of their brain cells. If they were more clever and less boring, they'd figure out dozens of better ways to spend this Saturday (and likely ALL their Saturdays).

Eden Bee said...

I only like how they look forward to this crap all year and by like 1pm they are sick, puking, getting yelled at and hopefully will all feel shit shit the next two days. Saw a lot of wrong things today and yes a lot lot scared seniors and little kids.

Anonymous said...

Please do not cover anything about Santa con.