Thursday, May 29, 2008

Condo owner who likes the finer things didn't appreciate bar with dirty floors or kids

While writing the previous post, I went to Citysearch to doublecheck the address for Ryan's Sports Bar on Gold Street, which recently moved to make way for some new condos. Anyway, while there, I found this patron's review. And he didn't like what he found!

I hope places like this close down soon

11/11/2007 Posted by jakesloanesq
We are all working on building a better downtown. I bought a 1.5 million dollar condo around the block from this place. I stopped in one weekday during lunch (i was off.) The place had 3 patrons at the bar, all of which looked worse then the other. The decor is lacking, the floors dirty, and the food was just ok. This place may be decent for someone who does not like finer things or if you are under-age. I went to Ryan's with my wife on a Thursday night to grab a quick drink before heading home. The entire place had kids drinking. We overheard a few kids talking about how Ryans is the only bar that lets the local college kids drink. I am not sure if anyone in the bar was 21 years old. Regardless, the building next to ryan's has been condemmed due to rodents. This was not a surprise because the rodents can be seen running on Gold street outside this dump.

I'm simply stunned a bar in New York had dirty floors! Hope it didn't bring the value down on his $1.5 condo! Anyway, Ryan's wasn't the greatest place around, but it had a divey ambiance to it that I appreciated --

Bonus review from a tourist:

Terrible pub with a very bad vibe!

07/27/2006 Posted by weesmcg
This is defiantly the worst pub visited in New York! Situated in a back alley near student accommodation its full of very young possibly underage drinkers at night time and it seems like a place where day time alcoholics go to try and escape their job in the financial district! Staff were quite rude and loud and only look after what seemed to be the regulars! The place is very dull, dark and no atmosphere probably due to where its situated! We werent made feel as welcome or at home as we were in other Irish pubs in New York! Very disappointed!!


Jeremiah Moss said...

this is what troubles me most about yunnies--and why they earn a moniker--they don't just dislike old mom-&-pops, they want to see them vanish. and that desire for destruction is intense. it's so strange.

Anonymous said...

Very true, Jeremiah.

"We are all working on building a better downtown. I bought a 1.5 million dollar condo around the block from this place."

That's the line that just baffles me. How is this making for a "better" anything?

Jeremiah Moss said...

you inspired me with your "values" comment--check out my joneses thing.