Thursday, May 22, 2008

Days of Heaven? 7th Heaven? Little bit of heaven? Heaven sent?

Pennies from heaven? I think $20 million deserves better than "Pennies." Still, at least they didn't play up the "American Idol" winner any bigger on Page 1.

Here's the St. Brigid's piece from the Daily News.

And check out some of the reader comments:

Mrelvispelvis May 22, 2008 8:18:35 AM take that 20 Mil...divide it by 6K and think about how many PEOPLE you could feed for a year? far better idea than saving a building that is a sanctuary for child molesters and rapists ! May 22, 2008 7:35:44 AM This is a miracle in the East Village and the school being saved is equally important. This church is stunningly beautiful and historically significant and for it to be torn down for some mirrored sky piercing condo or hotel that reflect history destroyed and a community no longer welcome. It would be terrible to have a Red Square with Lenin on top which looks like an NYU dorm with balconies replace the church or the old ps 64 building. The Red Square is co-owend by Mike Rosen and I had no idea he might have 20 mill to donate but I do believe him when he states he didn't donate it. I don't know who in the East Village has 20 million to spare. Mike Rosen lives in the Crista Dora and I am told that this building is the symbol of gentrification, the first and that it owes the community a community facility because of it's history as a building for the people. Ed Torres authentically sums up this miracle and it is a win for the East Village which looks more and more like a bad xerox

maribel May 22, 2008 7:01:43 AM church have a lot of values,but 20 million can be use for africa, haiti where the poor are dieying no food, that's what the bible said take care of the poor,children,widows

potobac May 21, 2008 10:30:27 PM How is one a scrooge when he regrets money being wasted on a building instead of being spent on people who need it? There are more than enough half-empty Catholic churches in the neighborhood where all parishioners of St. Brigid's could be comfortably taken care of without throwing away the money. A mass or whatever service would have just as much value at the other church and save the money for something useful.

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Anonymous said...

Man, Silda's hot. What the hell did she ever see in Spitzer? And what the hell was Spitzer thinking paying for sex where he can get one for free every night?

Ooops, sorry got distracted there for a moment. Well, the comments just indicate who reads the daily News.