Thursday, May 22, 2008

A St. Brigid's killjoy

I exchanged e-mails with a friend in the neighborhood last night about the new life for St. Brigid's. He seemed initially happy, I thought. I mentioned that the church is going to need a lot of work, hence the $10 million for the renovations. Then, in a subsequent e-mail, he harrumphed:

The construction will really fuck up the traffic and parking for several blocks. Not sure how I'll be able to find a spot.

I suggested that he sell his car.


Anonymous said...

And your still friends with this person? I suppose if a condo, starbucks, bank, were to be built to replace the church, he'd be ok with it. You should ask him to go to church to ask for forgiveness.

Jill said...

Maybe it will be renamed the Toyota Church of St Brigids and will provide parking for all.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Good one, Jill.