Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What movies people in the 10009 zip code are watching

Joshua Stein, a former writer for Gawker, has a nice item on his site, My Memoirs, in which he looks at the NetFlix feature that allows you to search for favorites by area code. He did this for his zip code in Williamsburg.

So I was curious about my area code, 10009. And?

Here's what people in 10009 are watching:

1. Next Stop, Greenwich Village

2. Barefoot in the Park

3. As Tears Go By (Mongkok Carmen / Wong gok ka moon / Wang jiao ka men)

4. Barbarians at the Gate


6. Sunday Bloody Sunday

7. The Country Girl

8. Basquiat

9. The 39 Steps

10. The Panic in Needle Park

Hmm. Respectable enough. Given some of the people I've seen move in lately, I figured an Adam Sandler comedy would have made the list.

[Via Gawker]


Anonymous said...

Well, the way things are going in Greenwich Village, EV, or NYC, these people who rent from Netflix are the remnants of those who hasn't pushed out yet. They stay in because either they're avoiding the yunnies or they can't afford to go out. Those who watch the Adam Sandler's are out there in their wine bars picking-up the Carrie Bradshaw clones.

Anonymous said...

"Barefoot in the Park" is unwatchable, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment, anonymous. A friend convinced me to join Netflix. Wasn't for me. I had movies stacked up for months. Just one more thing to make me feel guilty.

Anonymous said...

Ha! You're absolutely right, Alex.

Jill said...

I don't think I've seen any of these movies, at least in my recent memory though I'm sure I saw 39 Steps 20 years ago and maybe Barefoot in the Park on late night tv (made not a dent in my memory). I guess renting at Two Boots doesn't get into any stats.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I just added links for each film to IMDB.com/ Sorry -- should have done that when I did the post...

I've never seen 1900 and As Tears Go By...and only parts of Barbarians at the Gate.

Anonymous said...

I've seen most of these movies either at IFC or TMC channel. I do,however, have a netflix account. I've joined because they have tv shows and obscure movies that I sometimes crave watching, and they have the instant downloadable movies in your computer. And yes i do sometimes foind myself wforcing to watch the movies, so that i can get the next one in queue so that i can have my money's worth.

I used to go to IFC cinemas, Film Forum, Angelika, etc., a lot, but the yunnies are also invading these establishments. They go there because I guess it's "hip" or it makes them cultured or artisitc or something but not necessarily to see and appreciate the film. Most of the time, after watching a film from these cinemas, I hear them talking that they didn't get it or that they would go back to watching Hollywood films because the film was just depressing. Sorry if I'm being a snob, I'm probably just depressed because of all these yunnies who seem to be having the most fun by being vapid and shallow.

39 steps is great by the way and i also saw the tongue-in cheek play at Roundabout theater. And I agree, Barefoot in the Park is torture, well any Jane Fond/Robert Redford film should be.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment, anonymous.
I do find that the
IFC, Film Forum, Angelika and Sunshine are being increasingly annoying -- thanks to the crowd. (I notice the most offenses at the Anjelika -- cell phone use, general cluelessness, etc.) Seems as if I can only tolerate these theaters anymore during a weekday afternoon showtime. Of course, there's that small problem of being at work at the same time...