Thursday, May 1, 2008

"In a changing world, The Villager is still here"

That's John W. Sutter, publisher of The Villager, the weekly community newspaper now celebrating its 75th anniversary. These days, The Villager is the one paper I can honestly say that I look forward to reading. I'll walk around Wednesday night to check out The Villager boxes to see if the paper has been delivered. (I did this years back on Tuesday nights to get the Voice, which I no longer read on a regular basis.) I admire the paper's devotion to community issues...and appreciation of the community spirit that, despite everything from NYU to chain stores, can still be found in the neighborhood.

I started my journalism career at a similar chain of community newspapers that were locally owned. I covered all sorts of meetings (school boards, city council, zoning, etc.). This was almost 20 years ago. The plot lines seem to be the same, from a Midwestern city to here. We had the greedy developers hoping to build six luxury homes on a small parcel of land that would have ruined the fabric of a quaint neighborhood. There were chain drug stores taking over old mom-and-pop storefronts. Locally owned eateries closing to make way for some hideous chain restaurants.

Anyway, there are several essays on the paper's history right here. Here's to 75 more years.

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