Monday, May 19, 2008

The Tower of Toys is coming down

I left work a little early today to swing by the community garden at 6th Street and Avenue B. As Jeremiah noted earlier today, the city started removing the iconic Tower of Toys that was created by Eddie Boros some 20-plus years ago. I walked by around 5:30. Work was done for the day. The garden was locked up. The dumpster sat alone. No one was milling about. In the 10 or so minutes that I stood there, not one person stopped or even paused to look at what was left. I guess I was expecting more of a scene.

Meanwhile, I can't tell how much has been removed. (Hmm...20 feet? It's roughly 65 feet tall.) Whatever, there's a lot of work left when the destruction returns tomorrow morning.

Curbed has more photos from the afternoon here.

All this made me want to watch the opening to "NYPD Blue" again...right before James McDaniel gets his intro...

Earlier on EV Grieve:
"This is one of the last vestiges of the anarchistic, crazy Lower East Side"

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