Monday, September 20, 2010

On the Peels drink menu: The Joey Ramone (aka, this week's sign of the apocalypse)

A reader sent along a photo of the Peels drink menu... Hmm.

Booze-infused milkshakes ... The Bond Street Swizzle.... Purple Lady ... Jamaican Bug Juice ... Corn N' Oil ...

The JOEY RAMONE?!?!? With apple brandy, lime juice and concord grape juice (or concord grape wine??). I don't get it.


Anyway, the reader also noted that the food is really good at Peels.


Hmm... been more discussion on this than I anticipated.... And one reader thinks this makes sense since Peels is on the corner of the Bowery and Second Street — aka Joey Ramone Place.


esquared™ said...

joey ramone must be rolling in his grave right now. that drink would be aptly named after joey "woh" lawrence.

and why stop there? why not go the full length on how far they'd go on exploiting the names of ev music legends..
how about a
joe strummer: brandy, superfine sugar, triple sec

sid vicious: tequila, orange peel, lime juice

james levesque:jager, peychaud, st. germain elderflower

(all made-up, of course, and random as that jramone concoction)

why not just bring back classic ones such as tom collins?

Anonymous said...

Take it easy - It's because Peels is located on Bowery and 2nd.... And E. 2nd Street between Bowery and 2nd Ave. is 'Joey Ramone Place'

esquared™ said...

so, if peels were on 125th street, the drink would be called martin luther king jr.; or, if it were on 8th avenue above 110th street it'd be called frederick douglass?...

glamma said...

that drink MIGHT work as the joey ramone if they added a splash of piss to foil the yuppies..

~evilsugar25 said...

apropos of almost nothing, my sis used to work in the small starbucks on the south side of 9th st and 2nd av (before it moved into the bigger space aross the block that in padella vacated -- anyway, i digress...)

and joey used to go in every day and order a latte, and then complain, "fawr dollahs faw a laaatay?"

same drink, same complaint, every day.

i always liked that story.

EV Grieve said...

@ ~evilsugar25,

I like it too!

Suburban Guy said...

Ironic, because Joey didn't drink.

Anonymous said...

Yes - in fact there's another Peels there and those are the names of some of the cocktails... Have many drinks and then take a motorcycle drive there to check it out...

esquared™ said...

@ anon. 2:42pm

or perhaps peels should also open up one in wisconsin and call it the brett favre or the lomabrdi -- i'm sure you'd love that. have many cheese and take an suv there to open up one.