Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Russ & Daughters cafe concept off the September CB3/SLA docket

The appearance of a "Russ & Daughters Cafe" on the CB3/SLA's September docket stirred up plenty of interest... there have been rumors of an off-shoot of the LES classic the past few years... Anyway, looks like we'll have longer to speculate — Russ & Daughters has been red-lined from the September agenda.

Check out BoweryBoogie and The Lo-Down for more details on the cafe concept.


Anonymous said...

Nice arrow work there! Johnson! Give this man a raise!

Unknown said...

Agreed! Locating the red line unassisted would have been... Well, I frankly just wouldn't have had time for it. EXTREME KUDOS (that's also my drag name in Indonesia) to the arrow-artiste.

EV Arrow said...

Hi. Thanks everyone!

I was a little surprised by this assignment, to be honest. Given that there was only one red-line item on that agenda, an arrow seemed a little pointless, as it were. I told this to both Grieve's astrologist and dog whisperer when they assigned the job. But they insisted.

Big Gay Ice Cream Man said...

@ev arrow:

Hold me.