Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The wood for David Schwimmer's roof deck has arrived

[Photo yesterday by Michael Hirsch]

The wood arrived yesterday to presumably join the garden that was airlifted in back in the spring here on East Sixth Street...

Previously on EV Grieve:
Is David Schwimmer the 'Friends' star who now owns the demolished 331 E. Sixth St. townhouse?

Here is David Schwimmer's East Village home


DrBOP said...

Why would he need off-duty male porn stars on his roof?
And WHAT will they be doing in the dirt?
Is this the first inklings of an underground neighborhood male bordello?
People are already referring to the building as Schiller's Schaft....related?

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for him. He deserves to be happy after all the entertainment he's provided us over the years with Friends.


David from Ken's Kitchen said...

The garden went in last spring. The the deck arrived a little too late for me to sit on it and watch my Boston bibb lettuce grow, didn't it? I mean, who can put up with this shit!

EV Grieve said...

@David from Ken's Kitchen

For what it's worth.. I tried that bibb lettuce ("roof to table") at Alder. Paired well with the Sauvignon Blanc Pouilly-Fumé ‘Spring’ Domaine Alexandre Bain 2011.

Anonymous said...

He can plant kale til we have a frost.

David from Ken's Kitchen said...

I know grief too, Mr Grieve.

It seems like just yesterday that Máximo lovingly placed those bibb lettuce seeds in my little rooftop garden. And now the beautiful result sits on my plate. Bibb lettuce grows so fast, you know. One blink and you miss it. Well, I am sorry but even Sauvignon Blanc Pouilly-Fumé ‘Spring’ Domaine Alexandre Bain 2011 can't wash away the bitter taste left in my mouth.

Aw sh_t, I can't even enjoy my f_cking lunch now. Take this away, Mauricio!

David from Ken's Kitchen said...

Thank you but it's freezing out out there now. And who the h_ll wants to watch kale grow. Boston bibb lettuce is what I like.

Anonymous said...

every time I watch Madagascar with my kid I think about this manstrosity.