Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A few more details about renting the former 7-Eleven space on St. Mark's Place

The "for lease" sign went up on the former 7-Eleven on St. Mark's Place last Thursday, as we first noted. At the time, the listing wasn't yet online.

Now it is.

Unfortunately, there aren't a whole lot of details (such as asking rent!) ... but we have a better idea how the Winick reps are marketing the space...

Some of the specifics:

•Incredible East Village retail opportunity with ventilation in place

•Tremendous visibility with 70’ of frontage AT GRADE and soaring ceiling heights

•One block from the new 400,000 SF office tower at 51 Astor Place

NEIGHBORS: Chipotle, DF Mavens Desserts (coming soon), Verizon, Pinkberry, Dallas BBQ, Otto’s Tacos

Looks as if the parcel includes what used to be Baoguette Cafe.

Anyone for reviving BAMN!, the garish automat that somehow managed to stay open for 2.5 years?

No? OK!

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You can now rent the former 7-Eleven space on St. Mark's Place


Anonymous said...

My prediction another IHOP.

Gojira said...

Dairy Queen is supposedly coming to Union Square, maybe they'll branch out here, too.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Here comes a CVS!

From the Winick website:

Ground Floor: Approximately 3,650 SF (Logical Divisions Possible)

Lower Level: Approximately 3,000 SF

*Ground and Lower Level can be combined

bowboy said...

Sure, Winnick wants to rent it all as one space - mo money, less work - but there is no example in this area of a large single entity that has been successful.

Come on guys, break it up into smaller shops and do it the EV way. After a while we can no longer blame the chains and must blame Winnick.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Alice, has her trust fund and the Yippies are to reopen Studio 10 once more