Monday, June 23, 2014

Basics Plus confirmed for former Surprise! Surprise! space on 3rd Avenue

Last month we heard that a Basics Plus was going to take over the former Surprise! Surprise! storefront on Third Avenue and East 12th Street.

The coming soon sign has arrived …

No word on an opening date for the housewares store. There looks to be a lot of renovation work left on the interior.

Surprise! Surprise! closed after 25 years in business on April 27.

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Anonymous said...

The headless shopper is headed to Basics Plus where Chinese merch may sell for less , but no one on staff even knows what the gizmo does.

nygrump said...

They have very nice displays of color coded soaps. After making that decision I'll need a cocktail, preferably with lots of single-farm sourced sugar!

Anonymous said...

Keep the Surprise sign!