Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Papaya King going mobile starting tomorrow

From the EVG inbox yesterday...

Papaya King is bringing its all beef frankfurters with all the toppings, tasty tropical drinks and fried treats to the streets of New York on their first ever food truck. With two restaurants in Manhattan located at 86th St. and St. Mark's Place, going mobile is the next step in the Papaya King expansion.

Wayne Rosenbaum has run Papaya King since his team bought the restaurant chain 5 years ago. Since the purchase, they have opened a second location, on St. Mark's Place and remodeled the 86th St. location. “We were trying to find a way to have a great location without paying sky-rocket rents,” Rosenbaum stated about why The King has decided on launching a food truck now.

The truck will be parked in Midtown, equidistant to each restaurant during the week and in Flatiron, Soho, and Union Square on the weekends. To find out the exact location, you can find them on Twitter at @PapayaKingTruck or go to their website.

The truck officially debuts tomorrow at 52nd Street and Sixth Avenue. If you are there between 2-3 p.m., then you can get a plain frank with sauerkraut for $1.

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HippieChick said...

Horrible hot dogs. I miss Gray's Papaya.