Friday, June 20, 2014

The baby hawks of Tompkins Square Park are ready to leave home (also, fledge party alert!)

[A baby hawk practices yesterday via Bobby Williams]

They grow up so fast! (Faster than Hanson.)

The baby hawks arrived on May 8 (May 10 for the third egg) up here on the Christodora House on Avenue B and East Ninth Street. And the latest nest cam photos from Francois Portmann show that Christo and Dora's offspring are ready to start driving, dating and using fake IDs to get into bars...

[Photo by Francois Portmann]


Francois figures the young ones will be ready to fledge starting at any moment.

What might happen? We'll turn to Goggla, who has been following the hawks from Day 1. She wrote this in a post last Thursday.

I'm hoping they fly out and land either on the rooftops across 9th Street, or in the trees of the park. They'll likely be on the ground, though, so if anyone sees the birds seemingly lost on the ground, it's probably going to be ok.

In case the young hawks end up on the sidewalk below on East Ninth Street or Avenue B ... Francois someone has posted these flyers with key contact information ... So in case something goes wrong...

[Click on image to enlarge]

And now a flashback to May 16...


Visit Gog in NYC for many more excellent hawk photos.

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pinhead said...

A Hanson reference? SEO whore!

EV Grieve said...


This post really deserved an Upworthy-style headline.

Seeing these 3 baby hawks will restore your faith in humanity. And you won't believe what they are ready to do.

pinhead said...

These Adorable Fledglings Are About To Fly. And The Spirits of Grumpy New Yorkers Soar!

fipper said...

Think they'll be able to take on the rats soon?

Anonymous said...

Ready to go on a murderous rampage, that is.

Anonymous said...

Someone should put pillows beneath the nest.

Makeout said...

WTF? They're not going to school at all? Shameful.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

@Anon 11:13 - dragging my trampoline over there now...!

Anonymous said...

Crazy how fast these little guys (or girls) grow. We have a pigeon family in our alley, and the little babies are full size and flying away in days. They grow up so fast!

HippieChick said...

Pigeons! A buffet for the teenage hawks!

Anonymous said...

Like the baby hawks I flew away. Now I want to come back. Should I?