Monday, June 23, 2014

Looking at The Fourth's sidewalk cafe

As you may recall back in April, several residents had concerns about the proposed sidewalk cafe at The Fourth, the ground-floor restaurant located in the Hyatt Union Square on Fourth Avenue and East 13th Street.

The matter eventually went to City Council, who OK'd a smaller, 12-seat cafe.

Anyway, the cafe made its debut the previous weekend… not really much to look at. From either vantage point.

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Anonymous said...

I walked by this "cafe" seating and thought the people using it looked uncomfortable and caged in, sometimes there are limits to how fabulous you can make the EV.

nygrump said...

After 4 or 5 cocktails, even Bushwick looks fabulous.

Anonymous said...

I just don't get Avenue seating, generally. (gross).

Ronnie said...

Fourth avenue as with many avenues in lower Manhattan are so congested with traffic that sitting at that outdoor sitting area must come with a complimentary side order of carbon monoxide! YUCK

Anonymous said...

Don't order soup if you are sitting at a sidewalk table. Check out the pitch on those table tops!

Giovanni said...

Seconding Olympia's point, those tables are giving me vertigo. If you order their sliders I bet they will literally slide all the way onto 4th Avenue.