Thursday, June 19, 2014

St. Mark's Bookshop closes Monday ahead of move to new home on East 3rd Street

[Photo by Jeremiah Moss via Facebook]

From the St. Mark's Bookshop Facebook page:

On June 23 we close at 10 pm and hope to open a few days later at 136 East 3rd St.

The bookshop has been at 31 Third Ave. and Stuyvesant Street since 1992, and in the neighborhood a total of 37 years.

[EVG file photo]

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Anonymous said...

I hope I like their new location better. I never liked their current location.

I wonder if they're going to stock any books?

Anonymous said...

While not a huge fan of the store I will miss it as the quiet low-key anchor of that corner. Whatever moves in after will most likely drastically change the feel of that whole area, probably for the worse.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Joyce Ravitz for saving this one and too bad Dominic Pisciotta Berg and David McWater were able to bully everyone on land use and now SPURA will finally put the nails on the coffin of the Lower East Side. If the like 30,000 people who signed the petition for St. Marks Books railed against SPURA and other developments then perhaps neighborhoods could have been spared. So long Lower East Side.

Anonymous said...

Next week the new fund drive begins to keep the new location afloat.

chris flash said...

The new location isn't the best place for a book store, but be thankful that they're not throwing in the towel.

As I've said before, they don't HAVE to operate a book store -- there are much easier ways to make a living!

Wherever they are, I'm glad they'll still be HERE!!

v said...

Cue the crowd funding website