Monday, June 23, 2014

Sidewalk bridge arrives outside the Tifereth Israel Town and Village Synagogue on East 14th Street

[Photo by James and Karla Murray]

Workers arrived Friday to erect a sidewalk bridge outside the Tifereth Israel Town and Village Synagogue at 334 E. 14th St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

That's usually not a noteworthy event. However, as you may recall, the synagogue hit the market last fall for possible development.

This prompted all sorts of speculation, such as the space would be developed into condos. (Preservationists have also pushed to have the city landmark the structure.)

So back to the sidewalk bridge. Is this is sign of condo things to come?

[Photo by EVG reader Pinch]

According to permits on file with the city (in the DOB's ALL-CAP style):


Estimated costs of the renovations: $$282,000.

Meanwhile, the listing for the synagogue is no longer on the Massey Knakal site. The asking price had been $13,950,000.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Grieve, you got your tin foil hat on today ?? Did it ever occur to you that maybe the DOB permit actually reflects the necessary maintenance work being done to the building ? It's funny, because as a member of that synagogue, they sent me an e-mail about some of the construction work being done, and I bet if you actually called them for comment (instead of simply speculating wildly) you might get a real answer to your curiosity.

EV Grieve said...

@anon 7:57

Gosh! Yes, that actually DID occur to me! Which is why I posted the info from the work permit noting the structural repairs!

Perhaps someone from the synagogue can meet with nearby residents to give them an update on what is happening here. A little transparency will go a long way to ease any speculation.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:57
Perhaps you would be so kind to provide EV Grieve will any news going forward, this would definitely help to keep speculation to a minimum going forward?

Gojira said...

@Anon 7:57 - hey did you OD on your rude pills this morning?!? Relax, this is not a world-ending post!!!

Anonymous said...

Alas, I've heard from many who deal with the T&V folks that they're rude and difficult. (This is in no way an ethnic/religious thing, I'm Jewish myself. And at my shul we're known for being nice.)

Pinch said...

Anon 7:57AM...

Grieve makes the point that the sidewalk-shed led to speculation, so, in turn, Grieve checks with the DOB and provides the facts thereby heading-off any further speculation; pretty straight forward. Assuming you read the post carefully, how you got to the conclusion that prompted your “tinfoil hat” comment is anyone’s guess…but we won’t speculate on that.

JAZ said...

You can't fool me: that ground floor space just screams Matzo Meal in a hoof.

Anonymous said...

Well, Grieve didn't exactly quell speculation with the sentence "So back to the sidewalk bridge. Is this is sign of condo things to come?", and then not answer his own question. The DOB permit speaks for itself, and explains that there is no change to the building beyond the repairs that are detailed in the permit, and if you look closely, you'll see that there is the potential for structural instability (they're repairing joists), the the sidewalk shed is obviously required for safety.

The synagogue leadership has told us (its membership) what its plans are, but I'm not authorized to speak for them, so AGAIN, perhaps a call to their office to request comment would be appropriate.

EV Grieve said...

@ anon 6:13

Why would I answer my own question when the DOB permit does it for me?

Thank you. I'll be here all night.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to tip your waiters and waitresses....

Still love you Grieve, but sometimes you play chicken little.

Anonymous said...

If this synagogue member is defensive about this, then the specualtion must be true. Remember when that El Quijote and its maybe PR have vehemently denied the rumor about the changes there, and it turned out the rumor was true. Jsst smoke screen folks. I'm sure the tin foil hat will be a perk and available to the roof top in that condo.

Anonymous said...

@anon 6:13
the synagogue was trying to sell the building and marketed it as "suitable for conversion for commercial or residential purposes". Then when someone speculates that it may perhaps turn into condos, you get all bent out of shape. Um.... Am I missing something here?