Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How does the East Village stack up in the city's dog poop wars?

[EVG file photo from East 12th Street]

Pretty well, thanks!

DNAinfo has unleashed a handy interactive map that shows dog poop complaints by zip code in the five boroughs.

Around here, zip 10009 logged 30 complaints to 311 while 10003 tallied 10 complaints in the past two years. You have to head up to Hamilton Heights in zip 10031 to find any comparable numbers in Manhattan.

Still, the number here are dwarfed by several neighborhoods in the Bronx — Norwood, West Farms and Soundview — which led the five boroughs in complaints to the city's 311 system with 135 or more.

Not picking up after your dog is a violation of the "Pooper Scooper" law, introduced in 1978, which carries a $250 fine. But, as DNAinfo notes, a sanitation officer must witness a violation in order to issue a ticket, according to the Department of Sanitation.

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Anonymous said...

I live on the block of this now "legendary" sign (thanks to EVG) and there is always poop nearby. The more trees on a block the more people walk and sometime leave fido feces behind. It is probably due to a sense of self entitlement, too busy talking or texting on their phone, anarchist dog owners that want to stick it to the man (meaning their neighbors) or just plain lazy fucks.

Anonymous said...

Worst of the worst of the worst of the worst of the worst of the worst of the worst of the worst of the worst of the worst of the worst of the worst of the worst of the worst of the worst of the worst of the worst of the worst of the worst.

Giovanni said...

I think they need to do some forensic testing the dog poop in the Bronx to make sure it's from dogs and not humans. We all know indoor plumbing is a new concept up there. DNA testing would confirm that the EV is tops in dog poop per person.

Also I think they somehow missed the huge steaming piles of horseshit on Central Park South, which you can smell from the balconies of the $5 million studio apartments across the street. But for some reason the tons of stinking crap from horses doesn't count, even though you could lose a small child in one of those warm gooey piles.

Anonymous said...

I saw the saddest thing yesterday...kept it to myself until older man (in his 60s?) on 2nd Ave near 13th Street, 9:30 am, on the sidewalk, with his pants half-down, as if getting up from taking a crap. I looked away, didn't need to confirm it. People were getting off the bus right in front of him.

Anonymous said...

Annon 10:47

Tha's nothing a gang of well dressed 20 somethings stood in front of my house, one dropped her pants and took a long piss for the world to see. She and her friends were drunk (of course) but it was only 10:00 PM. Told them to pee in the bar which they just got drunk in and they answered me with that polite condescension only well raised girls know how give.

Anonymous said...

People on my block are very good at picking up their dog's poop. There's also very little graffiti. They're very similar, you know.

Anonymous said...

Just like in the suburbs people let dogs shit on someone else' lawn. Most of the people that walk dogs on my block don't live on it.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that an increase of sidewalk poop does correspond with the influx of our seasonal, transit guests (May-October).

Anonymous said...

Second Street between First Avenue and Avenue A used to be the worst doggie toilet in the neighborhood in the mid '80's.