Monday, August 4, 2014

This block of East 14th Street is about half of what it used to be (for now)

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The demolition of the one-level row of buildings along East 14th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B is complete.

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From east to west, workers took out the former ABC Animal Hospital, Petland, Bargain Express, Rite Aid, Blarney Cove, Rainbow, the beauty shop, Jackson Hewitt, Pete's-a-Place and Stuyvesant Grocery.

No. 520 is all that remains between the pits. (The Dunkin Donuts is moving down the street, though.)

Speaking of the pits

[From Friday]

Anyway, you can go take a look yourself through a blogger portal. Don't cost nothing.

Many of the businesses here either relocated or closed to make way for two, 7-floor retail-residential buildings. Gary Barnett of Extell Development grabbed up eight parcels in a 99-year lease worth $35.14 million.

The building plans are still awaiting the city's approval.

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Anonymous said...

Do they expect to get the approvals they seek? Could this end up being a pit for years? It sucks that all those businesses are gone. Is the city going to give them whatever they want like Bloomberg did?

Anonymous said...

Fill that hole with Stuy Dorm!

Anonymous said...

I get agoraphobia when I walk by it....Too much open space...agoraphobia...

i.rene said...

sure sucks to be living on the 13th st side. massive dust. construction starts promptly at 7:05am every morning.