Friday, October 27, 2017

Gramercy Kitchen shaping up on 3rd Avenue

[Photo from 2015 via Facebook]

Back in January, the Gramercy Cafe closed after nearly 25 years in business a few blocks away on Third Avenue at 17th Street.

Signage left for patrons thanked the Gramercy Cafe crew for their years of service ... with notice that the space would reopen as Gramercy Kitchen.

Anyway, the paper is off the windows now...

We heard that they could be open as soon as next week. A reader also said the new proprietors are NYC diner vets. So there's that.

The interior is still shaping up... but it's starting to look diner-y...

H/T Harry Weiner!

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Anonymous said...

Baby come back! Just in time for the traditional thanksgiving meal at the diner.

Anonymous said...

Miss that old diner - hopefully new one isn't too 'hip'

Anonymous said...

Remember to add 4$ to the bill. Someone is going to have to pay for the Nouveau look.

Anonymous said...

Comes with the turf!